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  • Activities organized by CEMat for the International Day of Mathematics: Mathematics for a better world.

    12th March

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  • Manuel J. Castro Díaz, new president of SeMA

    30th december

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  • Latest news of CEDYA/CMA

    Online participation will be possible. Call for new submissions reopened.

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  • SEMA Prize to Young Researchers

    In 1998, SeMA instituted the SeMA young Researcher Award in order to promote excellence in original mathematical work with a strong applied component. Since 2013, this award received the name Antonio Valle Young Researcher Award in recognition of the efforts dedicated by Antonio Valle, first president of SeMA, to the promotion of Young researchers in the field of Applied Mathematics.

    The award was established in order to provide recognition to a Young researcher, under the age of 33 and working at a Spanish institution that has demonstrated an independent, creative and highly valued activity in the field of Applied Mathematics as a post-doctoral researcher. The prize intends also to contribute to advance its professional career in Applied Mathematics both at the national and international levels.

    The award involves 1500 Euros, a diploma, and two years of honorary membership to SeMA

    The SeMA 2021 "Antonio Valle" Prize for young researchers awarded to Félix del Teso.

    The selection Committee of the Applied Mathematics Spanish Society (SeMA) has awarded with the “Antonio Valle” Prize for the Young Researcher 2021 to Félix del Teso Méndez (Complutense University of Madrid).

    The Committee highlights all the candidatures presented due to the high quality of the applicants' work, encouraging them to present their candidacy again in future editions.

    The winner will collect the accrediting Diploma during the celebration of the SeMA XIX Jacques-Louis Lions Spanish-French School on Numerical Simulation in Physics and Engineering, which will be held at the Polytechnic University of Madrid from August 30 to September 3, 2021.

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Manuel J. Castro Díaz, new president of SeMA

30th december
Manuel J. Castro Díaz, new president of SeMA

In the last General Assembly, that took place last December 21st, Manuel J. Castro was elected new President of SeMA, after the 6-years term of the outgoing President, Rosa Donat.

Manuel J. Castro holds a PhD in Mathematics from Universidad de Málaga, and he is currently Full Professor of Applied Mathematics in the Departamento de Análisis Matemático, Estadística e Investigación Operativa y Matemática Aplicada and a member of the EDANYA (Ecuaciones Diferenciales, Análisis Numérico y Aplicaciones) group in the same university. He has been a plenary speaker in relevant meetings in the field of Numerical Analysis, as well as invited speaker in Sections 15 (Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing) and 18 (Mathematics in Science and Technology) in the last ICM 2018. He has been also Principal Investigator of projects funded by MINECO and by the Junta de Andalucía, as well as of technology transfer projects with international institutions, like NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) of EE.UU and INGV (Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia) in Italy. He has participated as a researcher in several projects funded by the European Union and he has been a member of several scientific committees of international meetings within his research field. In 2008 he was awarded the J. L. Lions Award to Young Scientists in Computational Mathematics, given by ECCOMAS.

His goals as a President of SeMA include, in his own words, “to continue with the work carried out so far, making the most of the good job made by the previous Presidents and members of the executive board of our Society, emphasizing our visibility and international influence and promoting activities where the applied mathematics plays a relevant role. I hope the forthcoming years we will succeed in improving the visibility and impact of the SeMA Journal, and also to bring our society to the new generations. This is definitely an exciting challenge and I give it my best efforts”.

This has been the end of the two terms of the outgoing President of SeMA. Among her most relevant achievements we mention her paper, together with Tomás Chacón, leading the organization of the ICIAM 2019 meeting last year in Valencia. As she mentioned in the General Assembly, the meeting was a success not only from the scientific and attendance point of view, but also from the institutional one, since it got the financial support of relevant institutions (in particular, the Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades and the Generalitat Valenciana), all them as a consequence of a great organization effort. Not less important, it got a great impact in the media, that helped to spread the essential role of maths and, in particular, of applied maths, in the scientific and the social development. Rosa Donat expressed her gratitude to SeMA and, in particular, to all those who worked with her over these years in pursuing the foundational goals of the Society.

Rosa Donat leaves behind her 4 years of intense work and dedication to our Society, and we want to thank her for all this.

At the same assembly, three positions were elected to the Executive Committee: Mariano Mateos Alberdi (Univ. Oviedo), María Ángeles Rodríguez Bellido (Univ. Sevilla) and Teo Roldán Marrodán (Univ. Pública de Navarra). The first two renewed their positions, while Teo Roldán went on to occupy the position left by María Soledad Pérez Rodríguez (Univ. De La Laguna). Our thanks to all of them for their work and commitment to SeMA.

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Job Offers

  • Job: Director, International Centre for Mathematical Sciences.

    18 January

  • ITMATI: Innovative pilot for Silicon production with low environmental impact using secondary Aluminium and silicon raw materials – SisAl Pilot

    28th december

  • ITMATI: Innovative pilot for Silicon production with low environmental impact using secondary Aluminium and silicon raw materials – SisAl Pilot

    16th december

Section Young Researchers

  • El grupo OMEVA (Optimización y Métodos Variacionales) ofrece contratos pre- y post-doctorales

    18 de noviembre

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  • Postdoc position at ICMAT

    Applications are invited for one postdoctoral position at ICMAT

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    El BCAM ofrece dos plazas

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  • 4 becas estudiantes temas de criptografía y ciberseguridad

    La Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona ofrece cuatro becas

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  • PhD student_CADENCE / Catalytic Dual‐Function Devices Against Cancer (H2020 nº GA 742684)

    La Universidad de Zaragoza ofrece una posición PhD.

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  • Contrato postdoctoral en el grupo OMEVA de la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha en Ciudad Real

    Contrato postdoctoral asociado al proyecto MTM2017-83740-P en el grupo OMEVA (Optimización y Métodos Variacionales) de la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha en Ciudad Real. 

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  • Plazas postdoctorales y para estudiantes de doctorado, BCAM

    Basque Center for Applied Mathematics ofrece cinco plazas postdoctorales y dos plazas para estudiantes de doctorado.

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  • PhD position, University of Munich

    The University of Munichoffers the psitiion " Formal methods in control".

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  • Postdoc en el Departamento de Química Física de la UCM

    Está abierta la convocatoria de una plaza de postdoc en el Departamento de Química Física de la UCM para llevar a cabo un proyecto de fisica estadística y modelizacion de interfases de hielo. Se valorará cv de cualquier doctor en ciencias. 

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  • Contrato postdoctoral en Biol.Comput./Bionfo/Estad./Biol.Evol.

    La Universidad Autónoma de Madrid ofrece un puesto de investigador postdoctoral en biología computacional, bioinformática, estadística

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  • Contrato Posdoctoral en el Dpto. de Ecuaciones Diferenciales y Análisis Numérico de la Universidad de Sevilla (resolución 08/11/2018)

    Por resolución del Vicerrectorado de Investigación de la Universidad de Sevilla, de fecha 08.11.2018, se ha abierto un plazo, desde el 9 de noviembre hasta el 20 de diciembre de 2018

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  • Beca Pre Doctoral en Control y Estabilidad de Redes Eléctricas Híbridas ac/dc, Proyecto COSNET

    El projecto COSNET busca una persona para un contrato Pre Doctoral financiado por el Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad para realizar tareas de investigación en Control y Estabilidad de Redes Eléctricas Híbridas ac/dc. El n° identificador del proyecto es MTM2017-82996-C2-1-R.

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  • 1 Post doctoral Contract in Dynamic Control (DyCON) (03/10/2018)

    El European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant “DyCon – DynamicControl” ofrece una posición de post doctoral en la “Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM)”.

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  • Open positions: 3 PhD Fellowhips at BCAM

    Titulo The Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities has published the call for PhD Students 2018. The application period is from 9th to 29th October 2018 at 15:00h. 

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