Call for SeMA best paper award 2016


The Sociedad Española de Matematica Aplicada (SeMA), aware of the remarkable development of Applied Mathematics and of its growing influence in the everyday life of  modern  societies,  and aware as well of  the necessity to encourage the transfer of scientific knowledge within our community, is proud to announce the “ SeMA Journal Best Paper Award”, for outstanding papers published  in the  SeMA Journal. The guidelines of this prize are established below.

One of the main interests of SeMA is to promote the dissemination of Applied Mathematics, emphasizing its relevance and its potential.  There is an increasingly large body of applied interests in Mathematics, and the guidelines below seek to enforce those subjects that traditionally have formed the core of the scientific activities in SeMA that is theoretical and numerical analysis, control theory and computational techniques in mathematical modeling in science.


1. The Sociedad Española de Matemática Aplicada (SeMA) will award the “SeMA Journal Best-Paper Award” on a yearly basis. 

2.  All papers published in the volumes of the SeMA Journal of the corresponding year will be eligible for the prize. 

3. There will be an ad-hoc prize Committee,  composed by 5 members: The editor in chief of the SeMA Journal, who will act as chair of the committee,  the president of SeMA (or a  member of the executive committee of SeMA acting in his name)  and three members of the scientific committee of the  SeMA Journal, proposed by the editor in chief and  appointed by the executive committee of  the Society. The prize committee will devise its own procedure to carry out the selection process.

4. The award includes a diploma containing the citation and a cash prize to be shared among the authors of the awarded paper. If the authors are SeMA members, the SeMA membership fee will be waived for a one  year period . If any of the authors is not a member of SeMA, he or she will be automatically granted membership in the Society, and the fee will be waived for one year. 

5. The decision of the Committee is final. The committee will report on the merits found in the awarded paper. 

6. One of the authors of the awarded paper should agree to deliver a presentation about the contents of the paper in one of the activities organized by SeMA during the year in which the prize is awarded.


1. All papers published in the Boletín SeMA in 2016 are elegible for the “SeMA Journal Best Paper Award 2016”.

2. The award includes a cash prize of 1.500 €.

3. The decision of the committee will be published before 3rd May 2017.

4. The Best-Paper of the year will be the object of a lecture, delivered by one of its authors, during the CEDYA congress, which will be held in Cartagena from 26th of 30th of June 2017.. The corresponding diploma will be given at this same event.