Boletín SEMA, No 24 (2003)

Tamaño de la letra:  Pequeña  Mediana  Grande


J. López-Gómez


Metasolutions are a class of very weak generalized solutions introduced to describe the dynamics of reaction diffusion equations with spatially heterogeneous coefficients. They have been introduced by the author and a number of coworkers in order to clarify a number of quantitative features specific of spatially heterogeneous media. This paper goes back up to the generation of the first metasolution fully describing the temporary evolution and main hits of the theory and eventually providing with some new very recent findings. The theory has a huge number of applications in wide areas of mathematics and in many applied sciences, e.g., ecology, chemistry, and biology. As most of the first part of the paper is of expository nature, an appreciable number of applied mathematicians might enjoy its reading.

Key words: semilinear parabolic equations, classical solutions, large solutions, metasolutions, attracting properties.

AMS subject classifications: 35K20, 35B40, 35B30.

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