Boletín SEMA, No 19 (2001)

Tamaño de la letra:  Pequeña  Mediana  Grande

The Importance of Mathematics in the development of Science and Technology

J. L. Vázquez


Mathematicians often say that the essence of Mathematics lies in the beauty of numbers, figures and relations, and there is truth in that. But the driving force of mathematical innovation in the last centuries has been the desire to understand how Nature works. This aspect often goes unmentioned.

Together with the experimental method, Mathematics forms the conceptual scheme on which modern science is based and which supports technology, with close interactions among them. Upon these bases the Industrial Society was born some centuries ago, and the new Information Society is built in the present along the same lines.

In the article we give a brief outline of this scientific connection and how it came to work and the heroes that made it what it is, a view to the future, and a short comment on Mathematics in Spain.

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