Boletín SEMA, No 48 (2009)

Tamaño de la letra:  Pequeña  Mediana  Grande


H. D. Ceniceros


The motion of fluid interfaces often lead to singular events which include pinching, break-up, coalescence, and cusp formation. Numerical simulation can play a key role in the investigation of these fundamental phenomena which is of significant scientific and technological interest. This is however a formidable task which demands an accurate resolution of disparate time and length scales and a faithful representation of physical forces. A survey of front-tracking methods for the investigation of singular or near singular events in interfacial rheology is presented. This review is focused on immersed interface and boundary integral type methods. Recent advances and some salient remaining challenges are also discussed.

Mots-cl ́es:    Front-tracking methods, break-up, coalescence, topological singu- larities, multi-phase flows, surface tension

Classement AMS:    65N38 76B07 76B45 76B70 76D07 76D27

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