Boletín SEMA, No 50 (2010)

Tamaño de la letra:  Pequeña  Mediana  Grande


M. Kobilarov, D. Martín de Diego, S. Ferraro


This paper develops different discretization schemes for nonholonomic mechanical systems through a discrete geometric approach. The proposed methods are designed to account for the special geometric structure of the nonholonomic motion. Two different families of nonholonomic integrators are developed and examined numerically: the geometric nonholonomic integrator (GNI) and the reduced d’Alembert-Pontryagin integrator (RDP). As a result, the paper provides a general tool for engineering applications, i.e. for automatic derivation of numerically accurate and stable dynamics integration schemes applicable to a variety of robotic vehicle models.

Key words:Geometric integrator, Nonholonomic mechanics, discrete variational calculus, reduction by symmetries

AMS subject classifications:    58F15, 58F17, 53C35

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