The SEMA-SIMAI series is a joint initiative with our Italian colleagues, with whom many of our partners work closely and regularly, and Springer. This thematic series allows both companies to have their own forum from which to disseminate, in a dignified and stable manner, the results of research or work in which partners of our SEMA and/or the sister SIMAI have played a relevant role. . In particular, it is a very appropriate channel to publicize the material produced as a result of prestigious scientific meetings. The series is in very good health, as in addition to the volumes already printed or in revision, there continues to be a constant stream of new projects.

The collection is open to any topic of Applied Mathematics as understood by our society and is reflected in the work topics of our partners. The presentation of projects can be done through any of the members of the editorial committee, or directly with Springer.

Editors-in-chief: Formaggia, Luca, Arrieta Algarra José María
Series Editors: Chacón Rebollo Tomás, Donat Rosa, Higueras Inmaculada, Muñoz-Ruiz María Luz, Russo Giovanni, Greiner David, Asensio María Isabel, Montenegro Rafael, Cruz Manuel, Quintela Peregrina, Gerbeau, J.-F., Martinez-Seara Alonso, T., Pares, C., Pareschi, L., Tosin, A., Vazquez, E., Zubelli, J.P., Zunino, P